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Hello, my name is Akitomo Yamakami.

“Is it interesting if I spend an ordinary life?” This is my motto.

Akitomo Yamakami’s self-introduction (as of June 2024)


37 years old(was born in 1987)


Book author(2008~)

I resigned from work at the first company in only a half year. I summarized the events during the period and published a book. It is the start of a book author. Since then, I have continued writing as my life work.

My books are on sale on the Amazon Kindle store. Akitomo Yamakami: books, biography, latest update

Book series:

  • "Novel memoir" series; Written about extraordinary experiences that 99% will never do
  • Half-fiction novel” series; Written about the irony of modern society
  • ”Powerful drug prescription” series; Written about a breakthrough in the feeling of society's despair

These books are translated from Japanese. Please read the original Japanese version too.


“My books are not enough to reach my opinions to the world.”

If that is true, how about the songs? That is why I started making songs.

Now available on Spotify and many other music distribution services!

Akitomo Yamakami | Spotify

NFT artist(2023~)

"NFT will be a major from now on."

I heard such a thing so I tried to make NFT arts.

I make stylish name icons and interesting JPEGs.

My NFT arts are on sale at OpenSea.

Akitomo Yamakami's collection - Collection | OpenSea


"I want to make a game pre-installed on personal computers like Solitaire and Freecell."

I made "Teimahn" with such a feeling. If you know the rule of "Daifugo", you can play "Teimahn". You can also play "Teimahn" with normal cards.

You can access the "Teimahn instruction" PDF from the link below. Please read it for free.

てえまん🄬説明書(Teimahn instruction)

Blog writer(2023~)

"I have been doing many things but why I don't do basic things, blog writing?"

I had the feeling. That is why I finally started blog writing.

In this blog "日本人いない場所(nihonjin-inai-basyo)", I post what I experienced or felt at that time while staying abroad.

日本人いない場所 (

Relationship status

Single (I want to get a nice girlfriend or wife abroad.)

Countries where I have stayed (including short trips)

  • Australia (School trip in vocational college: in 2006, 3 nights and 5 days)
  • South Korea (To kill myself: in 2010, 3 days)
  • New Zealand (To study English: in 2011, 3 months)
  • The Philippines (To study English: in 2012, 2 months)
  • Argentina (To visit my friend: in 2012, 1 month)
  • Brazil (Be taken by my friend: in 2012, during my stay in Argentina)
  • Paraguay (Be taken by my friend: in 2012, during my stay in Argentina)
  • China (The first and last overseas family trip: in 2012, 3 nights and 4 days)
  • Colombia (To visit my friend: in 2016, 3 weeks)
  • Canada (To chase my ex-girlfriend: in 2021, 6 months)
  • Mexico (A resort vacation to heal my broken heart: in 2022, 3 months)
  • Malta (Warming up to travel around Europe: in 2023, 3 months)
  • Tunisia (Waiting until I can enter Europe again: in 2023, 2 months and a half)
  • Morocco (Waiting until I can enter Europe again: in 2023, 1 month and a half)
  • Germany (To visit my favorite woman who met in Malta: in 2023, 2 weeks)
  • Poland (To get an amazing girlfriend: in 2023, 2 months and a half)
      • I am in Japan as of June 2024

The reason I decided to stay abroad

“I cannot see a bright future if I stay in Japan. Do I think so, why don't I go abroad?”

If I do not have the power to live abroad, I will not be able to live in a tough future either way. I wanted to challenge my possibility so I chose unfamiliar countries to the Japanese.

Countries I may live in the future

It is still undecided because I am still in the trial stage but I have some countries that may be the candidate.

  • The Philippines (But I am bothered that commodity prices are getting expensive.)
  • Malta (I am bothered that commodity prices are much more expensive than in Japan though the security is good.)

What I want to do in this blog 

This blog is my experience noting that I stayed in countries that are not familiar to the Japanese.

I will write information that cannot be from the guidebook, got by long-term stay, got by talking with local people.

Please look forward to it!


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